Starting techniques

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Starting techniques

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The character splits their health, stamina, and PL evenly between a number of additional bodies less than or equal to the better of their two Mastery stats (so if the user has Physical Mastery 5 and Energy Mastery 3, they may create up to 5 clones). This allows the character a number of additional attacks and techniques equal to the number clones, but each one may be separately defeated and uses stamina and health from the character's overall pool.

The character is able to defy gravity and fly under their own power. This is a passive effect which requires no expenditure of Stamina.

Ki Sense:
The character is able to sense the energy and power of other beings. This functions as a scouter for determining power level, but works over any range from which the power can be easily picked out (stronger energy can be sensed at a greater distance)

The character creates a small explosion of their own ki around them. This damages characters within melee range, and can negate incoming energy damage equal to the power of the Kiai.

Type: Ki, Kinetic

Damage: .2% of PL/1 point of Stamina

Stamina Use: Minimum 1 point, up to 49% of remaining stamina.

Ki Blade:
The user generates a spike of energy from one or both hands, allowing them to use Energy Mastery in place of Physical Mastery for basic melee attacks, and satisfying any slashing weapon prerequisite for techniques.

Type: Ki, Kinetic

Stamina Use: 10/post

Meteor Crash:
Meteor Crash- The User throws themselves towards and enemy, and commits to a long assault of punches and kicks to break down the enemies defense.

Type: Physical, Blunt

Stamina Use: 10 points per attack, may spend up to 100 points of stamina maximum

Giant Size


Continuous Ki Blasts

Ki Wave

Momentum Slam


Charge Up

Full Nelson

Ping Strike

Solar Flare (Energy Utility)
Destructo Disk (Energy Attack)
Martial Training (Swords and Hammers and Axes and Fun! Physical Utility)
Mountain Breaker (Physical Attack)

Power Ball (Energy Utility)
Oozaru Control (Physical Utility)
Galick Gun (Energy Attack)
Neck Chop (Physical Attack)

Extendo-Arms (Physical Attack)
Healing Touch (Physical Utility)
Magic Materialization (Energy Utility)
Hellzone Grenade (Energy Attack)

Potbelly Bomb (Physical Attack)
Potbelly Constrict (Physical Utility)
Vanishing Beam (Energy Attack)
Twisting Counter (Physical Utility, because these assholes are physical)

Bionic Punisher/ Photon Laser (Energy Attack)
Rocket Punch (Physical Attack)
Android Barrier (Energy Utility)
Power Blitz (Energy Attack, because defense is for other assholes)

Frieza Clan
Tail Choke (Physical Utility)
Death Beam (Energy Attack)
Charging Headbutt (Physical Attack)
Death Ball (Energy Attack, because these assholes are energy-based)


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