Racial Abilities and Drawbacks

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Racial Abilities and Drawbacks

Post by Derpy on Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:22 pm

1. Humans

  • Dedication: At creation, a human character may choose either physical or energy techniques to specialize in. They enjoy a 50% price reduction to purchase all techniques of that type, no matter the circumstances they learn it in (meaning that this discount applies to rare techniques like Kaioken and Spirit Bomb). If they choose, they can instead enjoy a 20% discount to both Physical and Energy techniques.
    Weaklings: Humans start at 1000.

2. Saiyans

  • Zenkai: When a Saiyan's health is reduced to 5% of its total or lower, and then restored to 70% or greater, their power level is immediately and permanently increased by 20%. This takes effect as soon as their health hits 70%, meaning the bonus applies to the thread it occurs during. Can occur multiple times in the same thread, but only once per 50 posts by the Saiyan player. Zenkai is a survival mechanism, and, as such, will only trigger in a true survival situation. Therefore, only a legitimate threat will provide the Zenkai bonus. Attempting to scum it on the part of the Saiyan/Player by having a friend repeatedly reduce the character's will not only result in failure, it may result in censure (although a situation similar to one seen in the series, wherein Vegeta had Krillin wound him to provide a fighting chance against Frieza, is permitted). Additionally, Zenkai cannot be self-inflicted by the Saiyan, even in dire circumstance.

  • Oozaru: By calling on the power of the full moon or a significant source of Blutz Waves, a Saiyan is able to transform into the Great Ape known as Oozaru. This raises the Saiyan's power level five times for the duration of the effect, Melee Mastery, Life Force, and Endurance are increased by 3 each (to a maximum of 10), but the stamina cost of dodging is tripled. Becoming Oozaru does not fully refill the Saiyan's health, but he/she receives the full amount of new health that the stat boost provides. Oozaru is feral unless the Saiyan has trained to control it, and it cannot be used by a Saiyan that does not have their tail. If the character has Oozaru Control, this transformation imposes a 25% penalty to Power Level gains, in addition to a Saiyan's existing penalty.

  • Proud Warrior Race: Saiyans begin with a Power Level of 3000, and their progression is based on that number.
    Saiyan Tail: Saiyans have a special weakness in the form of their Oozaru-granting tail. They are rendered completely helpless if it is grabbed. If the tail is removed, this weakness is also removed, but the Saiyan loses access to the Oozaru transformation. All grapple attacks used on a Saiyan automatically targets the tail.

  • Not Worth It: Because Saiyans are so accustomed to growing more powerful through Zenkai, they do not gain as much power as other races through means which aren't life-threatening. Saiyan characters suffer a 25% penalty to all PL gains except through Zenkai or an external source (such as a wish on the Dragon Balls).

3. Half-Saiyan/Half-Human

  • Great Potential: Due to their warrior heritage, hybrids receive a 10% bonus to all PL gains, with the exception of those granted by an outside force. They also start at 2000.

  • Heritage: Hybrids may be born with certain traits from their Saiyan parentage. From the Saiyan racial list, they may select Zenkai and Not Worth It (which will result in a total 15% penalty to PL gains), Oozaru and Saiyan Tail, or all four. This choice must be made at creation. If Saiyan Tail and Oozaru are taken, the character may not remove their tail or voluntarily have it removed for at least one month of real time. If this rule is violated, they will immediately receive Not Worth It. Involuntary tail removal will not invoke this penalty.

4. Namekians

  • Fundamental Knowledge: Namekians are a race that exists much more harmoniously with great power than others, and, as such, are taught certain skills as a matter of course that other races often consider amazing. One of these is Flight, the other is Ki Sense. They also begin play with a Power Level of 3000.

  • A Refreshing Drink: By consuming at least one litre of water, a Namekian is able to regerate 10% of his total stamina. This may only be done once every ten posts. In an environment which would not have easily accessible water in that quantity, then the Namekian must have purchased at least one unit of Portable Water from the Zeni Market to benefit from this effect (small price, TBD).

  • Regeneration: Due to their unique physiology, Namekians are able to self-heal to incredible degrees, up to and including the recreation of lost limbs. In any post where no other action is taken, a Namekian may spend points of stamina to recover health, with a 1:1 exchange. Unlike many other forms of healing, this can also regenerate lost limbs (which occur when 20% or more of the character's health is lost from a single attack.
    Incomplete: Namekians are uniquely able to fuse, and, in fact, are hard-wired to benefit greatly from the act. When a Namekian character reaches a PL of 150k, they will become eligible to purchase their first Synchronization. For the character to continue gaining power, this will eventually be a necessary purchase: All PL gains will cease at 192,000 until the Fusion is purchased. Fusion provides a substantial PL increase, so this is not the tax it may appear to be. Additional Synchronizations may be purchased after the first. Another wall will arise at PL12,288,000, requiring the purchase of Namekian Fusion, wherein the two halves of the character will become their true self.

5. Androids

  • Built to Last: Androids, being fundamentally machine, are incredibly difficult to put down. The health rating of an Android character is three times that which their Life Force score merits, and are not considered dead when reduced to 0 health, only helpless. The Android's head must be completely destroyed for the character to die, which means that an additional 20% of their base health in damage must be dealt to the helpless body to kill the character completely.

  • Artificial Energy: Androids are inorganic, and invisible to abilities and technology which identify power level, except for in-depth computerized diagnostics that they must be rendered helpless for or voluntarily submit to. In addition, they do not project an aura of any kind, and are almost impossible to detect as powerful unless actively using their might. The downside is an inability to learn Ki Sense or any similar ability, which precludes Androids from techniques that require the ability to detect energy. In addition, the starting PL of an Android character is 5000.

  • Download a Patch: Because they can interface directly with technology, Androids are able to purchase any piece of equipment at a 50% discount.

  • In Need of Repair: Because they are inorganic, Androids are incapable of recovering health naturally or through the use of healing techniques. All damage carries over between threads (and in the case of multiple threads which were non-fatal but resulted in health loss, the greatest amount sticks), and can only be recovered by paying for repairs with Zeni. Lost body parts (or, in the worst case, a lost body) require an even greater expenditure to recover.

  • Overload: Androids function on an internal power source, and excess energy being added to the closed circuit of an Android's body plays havoc with that. The remaining Stamina of an Android character is considered 25% lower for the purpose of blocking incoming damage modified by the Energy Mastery statistic.

6. Majin

  • Copy Technique: Majin are able to mimic any technique that they personally see in use, although not forever. Majin characters may copy up to two techniques that they see performed, and which they could perform as well. These copied techniques last for the duration of the thread, after which they are forgotten unless purchased with Zeni.

  • Body Manipulation: Due to their rubbery bodies, Majin are capable of shrugging off a great deal of physical force. All melee damage inflicted on Majin is reduced by 50% before blocking, energy damage with the Kinetic modifier is reduced by 25% before blocking, and they are incapable of losing limbs. By doing nothing else for the duration of a post, they are also able to regenerate 5% of their total health. They are able to regenerate from anything but complete annihilation, requiring an additional 20% of their total health in damage to be inflicted beyond the 0 point. However, like all characters, they are considered helpless at 0 health, and unable to use their regeneration unless healed to at least 1 point of health first or until the thread ends.

  • Absorption: A Majin automatically absorbs any organic being they kill with a physical attack or the Vanishing Beam technique, or any already-dead organic character who died in the same thread. The Majin immediately absorbs the target's entire Power Level and adds it to his or her own for the duration of the thread. If the Majin is killed during the same thread, all characters that were alive when absorbed are thrown free and immediately returned to life. If the Majin survives the thread, they permanently receive 50% of their absorbed Power Level and all absorbed characters are considered dead. Also received from their ancestor Majin Buu is an above-average inherent power: Majin begin play with a PL of 3000.

  • Slow Learners: Despite their copying skills, Majin do not commit techniques to memory very easily. Whatever the price of a technique, Majin must pay an additional 50%.

  • Taken, Not Earned: Majin statistic ratings do not multiply as quickly as those of other races, due to their parasitic nature often negating the need for proper training. Majin statistic ratings increase when their PL is tripled, not doubled.

7. Frieza Clan

  • Transformations!: Frieza Clan are born in a highly powerful “true” form, but due to the lack of control that youths possess, this power is suppressed by a series of transformations. In their basic form, Frieza Clan characters use the statistics as presented on their character sheet. In their second form, they gain a +1 bonus to Melee Mastery and their PL is multiplied by 1.5, but they suffer a 15% penalty to PL gains. In their third form, they receive a +2 to one stat of their choice (chosen at creation) and PL is doubled from base form, but the character suffers a 30% penalty to PL gains. In their final form, three points are added to the character's stats (either 3 +1s, a +1 and a +2, or a +3), chosen at creation, and PL is multiplied by 2.5, but the character suffers a 45% penalty to PL gains. The transformation effects do not stack, neither do the penalties.

  • A Stronger Breed: Frieza Clan are uniquely able to survive in hostile conditions. They are unaffected by extreme cold and heat, and do not need an air supply. This enables them to function normally in space, underwater, or even on a collapsing planet.
    Most Powerful in the Cosmos: Although their most famous members were uniquely powerful due to mutation, the Frieza Clan is still one of the most naturally powerful races in known space. A Frieza Clan character's starting Power Level is 5000.

  • Quality: Frieza Clan must pay triple the given price for all equipment (although not techniques), as they are a race accustomed to only the finest goods. The equipment purchased is no better in function, although it tends to have eclectic features such as gold plating, slimline design, or a certificate of farming quality.

  • Uncle Ice Needs YOU!: All Frieza Clan begin as members of the Planet Trade Organization faction. Should they choose to leave this faction, they are automatically given “Hated Enemy” status, and, depending on their standing and power prior to leaving, may find themselves the subject of a manhunt. In the unlikely case that they are the leader of the faction when they choose to leave it, they are not given Hated Enemy status unless their successor chooses to bestow it.

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