Umpkin the chick who will punch you in the dick

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Umpkin the chick who will punch you in the dick

Post by Blowjob Princess on Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:57 pm



Age: 18

Race: Saiyan

Power Level: 3000

Homeworld: Planet Vegeta

Personality: Like other Saiyans of her upbringing, she is a curt woman with a short attention span. She longs for the feeling of war, and doesn't think about much else. That said, she does keep herself under full control at all times, but all that means is she is in control when she is punching someone into a bloody pulp.

Appearance: Red Traditional Armor, with the add on of a green headband and arm bands. Other than that she is average for a Saiyan, small boobs, short black hair, Tail Wrapped around her waist, and standing at a fairly short (compared to human) stature of 5 feet exactly.


   Life Force:1

  Strength:8 (+2)

   Focus:8 (+1)



   Physical Mastery: 5

   Energy Mastery: 5 (-1)

Technique 1: Full Powered Energy Volley

Technique 2: Meteor Strike

Technique 3: Flight

History: Umpkin's story isn't super complicated. She was born on Planet Vegeta in the latest generation of new bloods that weren't just brought back from the dead, and from the day she could walk she was fighting. Always one to follow the motto of offense is the best defense, she learned how to just avoid attacks rather than take them, and then hit back twice as hard. And when she learned how to fire out her ki, she took to the habit of keeping up a full forced assault from as early on as she could.

That said, because of her less orthodox way of fighting, focusing on even less defense and being more of a glass cannon than usual, she was always seen as lesser then her peers. Still, she leads up a full fledged assault whenever she can, on whatever wants to fight her. And things that are just not pure blooded saiyans like herself.
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