Nameless (The Akaige Swordsman)

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Nameless (The Akaige Swordsman)

Post by Nanashi on Thu Aug 20, 2015 3:55 am

Name: N/A (Will respond to "Nanashi" or "Nameless")

Nickname(s): "Akaige", "Nameless", "Nanashi", "No Name"

Age: 22

Race: Human

Power Level: 1000

Homeworld: Earth

Personality:  Nanashi is very silent when meeting new people, he often has a permanent scowl on his face due to his past actions. Once he lightens up and is better able to understand someone, he lightens up, seeming to be a laid back man, one who is often sarcastic and playful at times. Of course when it comes to confrontation, he is all for seriousness and dealing with it head on. He is a protective friend if one can manage to better know him, he will go above and beyond the call or role of a Guardian in order to keep those close to him safe.

When addressing his past, Nanashi is often quite evasive, he'd rather not bring up touchy subjects and so will more than often change the conversation or just flat out ignore the request. He does not constantly train to the surprise of most, in fact he thinks very little of his sword play, regarding it as a useless skill meant for savages. Nonetheless, he will offer to train someone in order to defend themselves and will often take jobs that require him to escort groups of people, though he has never once needed to draw his blade.

Picture (Optional):

Appearance: Nanashi is of a lean/muscular build, very close to how an Olympic swimmer's body would be built. Nanashi stands at 5'11" and weighs at 175 lbs, most of which is simply lean muscle due to always travelling. His most defining feature is the sanguine locks of hair that he hides, being raised in a strictly oriental village, his hair always made him feel out of place and so Nanashi dyes his locks black. The homemade hair dye is easily created by boiling some of the local nuts and berries until they are nearly completely burned. This releases a black residue which he can carry around in a simple vile though the odor it gives off when fresh is horrid.

Nanashi also has burning eyes, a shade of almost golden orange though a tad dulled. On his left cheek he has a scar that begins in the middle of is left cheek and extends nearly to his ear. He also has a scar going vertically through his eyebrow all the way to the bottom of his eye, though thankfully the injury did not rob him of his sight. His hair (when untied) reaches down to the middle of his back, about 15 inches in length, his bangs are 7 inches long reaching down past his face though brushed to the sides so he can see. On his torso, Nanashi is covered in a collection of scars, there are more than a dozen on his left arm alone though none of them seem to bother him,, each a trophy from a past battle.


  • Life Force: 7 ( 8 )

  • Endurance: 8

  • Speed: 7

  • Physical Mastery: 6

  • Strength: 6 ( 5 )

  • Energy Mastery: 3 ( 5 )

  • Focus: 3

Technique 1: Martial Training (Swords and Hammers and Axes and Fun! Physical Utility

Technique 2: Mountain Breaker (Physical Attack)

Technique 3: Afterimage

History: Nanashi was saved from a sinking ship as a young boy after an apparent attack on the nearby village. It's more than likely that he was originally birthed somewhere in Europe though he does not know specifically where. After having been saved, the local Shogun saw great potential in a child that could be put to serve under a master and teach him only the art of battle. Over many years Nanashi refined his swordsmanship until he had managed to climb his way into becoming the Shoguns right hand man. With the flick of a wrist, Nanashi's blade would be drawn on command and he would slaughter any and all who opposed the war lord.

At the age of 16. Nanashi was rivaled by few and had already seen a great deal of war and death, though it was not until he was ordered to execute a rival Shogun's children that he had seen his actions for what they were. After that day, after butchering two kids, Nanashi swore to never fight, to never draw his blade in order to slay his enemies. With no use for a samurai who did not want to fight, the Shogun let Nanashi go, free of his service and so Nanashi had become a ronin, a warrior without honor or respect. Nanashi now takes jobs wherever he can, surviving off of the wilderness when the opportunities arise, with a pouch filled with a few coins, some herbal plants and his blade, Nanashi seeks to live a life of mediocrity.

Racial Abilities/Drawbacks: Dedication: At creation, a human character may choose either physical or energy techniques to specialize in. They enjoy a 50% price reduction to purchase all techniques of that type, no matter the circumstances they learn it in (meaning that this discount applies to rare techniques like Kaioken and Spirit Bomb). If they choose, they can instead enjoy a 20% discount to both Physical and Energy techniques.
Weaklings: Humans start at 1000.

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