Tondra the Frieza Clansmen

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Tondra the Frieza Clansmen

Post by Derpy on Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:07 pm

Name: Tondra

Nickname(s): Comrade, The Silver-Tongued Devil, The Bastard, That Bastard, Tondra the Bastard

Age: Whatever the equivalent of '21' is. (I don't know Changeling physiology xD)

Race: Frieza Clansman

Power Level: 5000

Homeworld: Earth

Personality: Tondra has a dualistic personality. The innovative changeling has inherited the arrogantly domineering, ruthless brutality of his race. Crossing him, would likely mean death. He doesn't necessarily want to kill any of his brothers, however he will do what he must for the revolution. On the other hand he is rather empathetic for his race, hearing the struggles of his brethren. In person he is actually clever, social, charismatic, and in a strange way, kind.

However, all his compassion goes out the window in battle. He has no qualms using his cunning, sharp mind to get a victory. In fact, his sheer callousness in battle is so notorious that those that fight him may want to be wary. Unless they have some valuable information or good reasoning a battle with Tondra may be their last. Submit or die is is definitely a phrase he would use if he thought it would aid the revolution.

Underneath the surface, he is a power-hungry idealouge. He will do whatever it takes for his revolution. He has had multiple traumatic experiences throughout his life, and striking where his mental scars lay can provoke a violent response, even when it's disastrous to do so.

Appearance: Even for a Clansmen, Tondra has a wiry stature, standing in his base form at a tall 5''. His pale, bluish complexion is outlined on his face by a black outline. The various pieces of shell on his head, chest, and shoulders are all a burning azure. He wears the battle armour typical of his race,  except with the shoulder guards removed for extra mobility.

The most enticing part of his appearance is his voice. While he isn't any more appealing than the average Clansman physically, he speaks with rhythmic melody and natural finesse that has an almost enchanting effect on people.


  • Life Force: 5

  • Endurance: 5 (6-1)

  • Speed: 8 (6+2)

  • Physical Mastery: 4

  • Strength: 6

  • Energy Mastery: 7

  • Focus: 8 (6+2)

Technique 1: Flight

Technique 2: Death Beam

Technique 3: Enchantment- An accomplished ki-user or telepath can weave their own energy into the words they speak, and with adequate focus on the task at hand, make people want to listen to them. This technique has a few critical downsides: anyone who is aware of this technique is unaffected by it. Anyone with an advanced ki sense ability can sense something as wrong, and are unaffected by it. The user has to be completely at ease, and completely focused on manipulating people every post that this is in use.

This is not mind control. This technique is mostly RP based, not battle based. It makes people want to hear him out, and give him the benefit of the doubt. Everything said while this is in effect should be taken in the best way it can be taken, unless otherwise specified. While this is in effect all attacks on the user of this technique will be a direct hit. The effectiveness of this technique is based on how much stronger the target(s) are compared to the user. If they are too strong, it will have a very minor effect. If the user has higher focus than Tondra,  this will have no effect. If the target is too worked up, even the best use of this technique will have a no effect. This ability uses 20% of your (full) stamina every use. This is Tondra's signature ability, and you must be taught by Tondra.

History: He's been a star since his birth, as Tondra has always put it. It all started with allegations. You see, his father was quite the Henry VIII among the high nobility of the Clansmen. Every time his wife displeased him in anyway, he would kill her in cold blood. In Clansmen culture, women were considered second-class citizens. No one cared about the growing amount of bodies the unstable good ol' boy left.

When Tondra's mother was pregnant with him, she grew paranoid. If she gave birth to a female her man would get angered. She knew what would happen if he got angry. The stress her worries gave her almost caused her to miscarry.

But she didn't.

The stress did cause him to be born looking weaker, frailer than other infants. Despite the fact that Tondra's power level was average for a newborn, his father was displeased. How could his child be a weakling? What was he, a lower class runt? In his father's deranged and arrogant-even-for-a-Changeling mind, his wife must be a dirty adulteress. So, he beat her to death with her own baby, Tondra.

It was assumed that he would've died. But he didn't. Miraculously, Tondra made a full recovery. In fact, his endurance grew from the experience. The simple fact that he survived such a insane birth elevated him in his father's eyes enough that he would tolerate him... barely. The damage had already been done. He had publicly humiliated both his wife and the baby before trying to murder both of them. He may be willing to allow her spawn to live under his roof, but he would make him pay for daring to be someone else's child. (Which was complete hearsay.)

It had been a slow week for gossip in court, so the news spread like wildfire. It even made it to the middle class, albeit distorted. Tondra's father was made a laughing stock; the fact that he couldn't kill a mere babe showed that he had gone soft. This only made him hate the child more.

As he grew up, his endurance rose, because of the horrendous abuse his father put him through. On top of that, he was rented out as a servant boy to the King's children. Basically, he would respond to the royal brats at their beck and call. It was obvious, even to a small child like Tondra that they were not his 'friends'. If he didn't make haste, and respond unnaturally fast, he would be beaten up by the bored older children. The royal brats grew attached to their toy. Tondra thus developed a love/hate relationship with the royals, and grew to become even more tough, and to be faster than anyone expected.

They grew so attached to their punching bag, that as they grew older they started bringing him along on their lessons, both martial arts and education.  Not only did he discover he had a natural affinity for ki, but also learned fancy tricks like telepathy and improved ki abilities.

When he was entering adolescence, he realized that he couldn't--and shouldn't--keep living like he was. He started training heavily, making him a better all around fighter, especially in his weak area: his physical strength.

Around the same time, his 'friends' were permitted to learn one of the techniques the Acrosians praised so dearly: the Death Beam. Because he was so talented in ki based abilities, he was able to learn it with them, and showcased so. To them, he was a servant. How dare he have the gall to learn faster than him. They beat him mercilessly, and complained to the King.

Normally, someone like Tondra would have been executed, but he decided against it. It was the bastard. It was very well a possibility that he could be executed. His instincts took over, and Tondra opened his mouth, speaking the most charismatic words he had ever said, at that point. His hope, fear, luck, and ki expertise took over, and he enchanted his first ever target: the king.

It was weak, and the king was so strong that it barely affected him, but perhaps it worked. The King decided that instead of execution, being cast out from the upper class would be a more fitting punishment.  Given that his distaste for Tondra's father was well known, the most probable reason was pure pettiness.

Tondra and his family, which now despised him, were allowed to seize some profitable land from some Middle Class buffoon. It was there that he learned how oppressed the middle and lower classes were, along with how much power they had. (Also, how much power he could gain from shaking things up.)

The last few years since, Tondra has been refining his enchantment technique so that he can now use it on call, as long as he isn't interrupted.

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